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9 to 13 April 2017 @ James Byrne Centre (Toowoomba Diocese)
For Young People aged 16 to 25

$370 - Early Bird Registration (closes 25/2/17)

$395 - Full Registration (closes 25/3/17)

Registration fee covers program, accommodation and meals. Travel costs will be extra.


Led by a team of Youth Ministry professionals, Movers and Shakers is facilitated by Dave Jorna from Project Hatch and is one of the longest running youth leadership training initiatives in Australia. Since it's beginnings in 1991, over 2000 people have participated in the program. Dave himself is part of the Movers and Shakers family, not just as facilitator, but as past participant!

One of the strengths of the program is its ability to combine theory and practical leadership development with different activities to challenge participants. During the residential five day program participants are challenged both individually, and in small groups, to work on problem solving, teamwork and adventure based activities.

Movers and Shakers provides young people from a variety of parishes, schools and youth movements’ across Queensland and Australia high quality leadership training in a safe and fun environment. It also provides an opportunity for the group to support and network with others in person outside of social media or their immediate circle of friends.

Registration is now open for the 2017 Program.

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Feedback for Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers is an amazing experience. I really feel like it has made a positive difference in my life by enabling me to grow and become a better person and leader. Thank you for the experience!
Madeline, Gladstone


Movers and Shakers is an awesome place not only to become a better leader, but to become a better human being as well!
Wade, Roma


Movers and Shakers is an experience hard to find elsewhere. The effectiveness of the program's activities is amazing.  Friendships formed are those that will remain.
Matilda, Brisbane


Movers and Shakers is an experience where skills can be used throughout our lives and for the best interest of others and ourselves.  Know that Movers and Shakers has helped me understand others are worthwhile.
Isaac, Rockhampton



Movers and Shakers has been running for over 20 years and in that time it has developed into a key strategy in the development of young leaders within the Catholic Church in Queensland and beyond. It plays an important role in youth ministry training as it addresses the Christian leadership training needs of many parishes and schools. Over a thousand young people have come through the program developing leadership skills and building confidence to use back in their parishes, schools and communities.
The program has been developed to be as experiential as possible. It invites young people to reflect on the various activities they will participate in during the week and discover for themselves the learnings that emerge. The young people will share in small groups and will be challenged to work together in problem solving situations.
During the program a team of adults, most of whom are youth ministry professionals, and young adults, generally previous Movers and Shakers graduates, will model a collaborative approach to leadership. They have been allocated responsibility for various elements of the program, such as liturgy, pastoral care, and administration. The young adults fill the role of small group facilitators and provide a peer leadership model that has proven to be an excellent way of caring for the needs of all those present during the program.

Movers and Shakers Group


The aims of the "Movers & Shakers" Christian Youth Leadership Training Program are:

  • To provide affordable high quality leadership training to young people from rural and urban centres.
  • To provide an opportunity for young people to support and network with other people involved in ministry throughout the church.
  • To promote the role of youth and young adult leaders throughout the church.


  • All activities are conducted with the highest regard for all people involved and for personal respect for them, positive and beneficial participation by them, their safety and the legality of all their activities and behaviour.
  • For all participants, attention must be given to the health and growth of the whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual;
  • Personal growth and learning are most effective in a context of positive personal relationships and community building;
  • Participants learn as much through example and informal interaction as through formal modes of teaching;
  • All activities and content must be in accord with church teaching;

In accordance with all the above all presenters, facilitators and small group leaders must be competent, well-prepared and fully conscious of all these issues at all times. This will effect the content of any input as well as the style in which their specific tasks are performed.

Movers and Shakers Group



To make Movers and Shakers as successful as possible, a leadership structure has been developed. Each role within the structure has its own responsibility in the lead up to, and during the program. The leadership structure is not there just to complete tasks associated with running the program, but to example the leadership strategies used in the program.
Movers and Shakers also uses small group debrief and discussion to explore a Christian approach to leadership. Small Group Facilitators are invited to the program to be an example of that approach through collaboration and mutual support.

Leadership Team


Small Group Facilitator


The Leadership Team consists of 5-8 people fulfilling a variety of roles before and during the program. These roles include pastoral care of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of participants, community development, venue and catering liaison, and facilitation of liturgical requirements throughout the program.



The current facilitator of Movers & Shakers is Dave Jorna, director and facilitator of the Project Hatch Retreat Team.  The Facilitator is focused on facilitating the overall process and direction of the program. 



Movers and Shakers use small groups in the participation and debrief of activities. Each small group has a Small Group Facilitator (SGF) whose focus is on ensuring the small groups function effectively. SGF’s are made up of participants from previous programs, giving them another level of experience of the program.




Movers and Shakers is designed to develop skills and talents of young people that can be used in everyday life. To ensure that the young person can get the most from the experience each applicant will be required to nominate an adult who will act as a Pastoral Supporter. (This person must be asked before submitting their name).


What is the Role of Pastoral Supporters?

The pastoral supporter will act as referee and will be contacted before the program by their diocesan coordinator to discuss how the program will suit the young person they are supporting. The pastoral supporter will need to make contact with the young person and ask them about their expectations before the program and assist them with evaluation when they return home. After the program the coordinator will contact the Pastoral Supporter to discuss how the young person is using the information and experience gained and about the well being of the young person including any issues or concerns that may have emerged as a result of the program experience.

Who can be a Pastoral Supporter?

Any suitable adult that the young person feels comfortable talking to. They might be from the Youth Group, Parish or School. It is preferable that the pastoral supporter not be a parent of the applicant.

Can an Adult Support more than one Partitipant?

Due to the amount of time and follow up that is necessary and to make it fair to both the young person and the pastoral supporter, an adult can only be a pastoral supporter for one person.

Financial Support

Another way that support can be offered is through financial sponsorship. There should be an open discussion about the expectations that accompany any financial support. Everyone involved should be clear about what responsibilities and level of accountability go along with such financial support. The offer of financial assistance sends a strong message to the potential participant that they are valued by the sponsoring organisation and worth making an investment in.

Contact Us

For general enquiries about Movers and Shakers, please email us.

Please complete the following form to register as a Participant or as a Small Group Facilitator (SGF) for Movers and Shakers 2017. Once your information is recevied, a Registration Pack will be sent to you.
For those registering as a Participant, please ensure you have Pastoral Supporter.


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